Specialities Instructor


Having Speciality Instructor ratings not will not only give you a more varied teaching experience and your students more choice and fun, but will also open up more employment opportunities.  Plus, it’s the next step up the PADI Pro ladder to becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

During each Speciality course, you will receive not only diving practice, but also training in the Instructor outlines, theory and a full understanding of the course standards and structure.  With your Course Director Neil, and his many years of experience teaching these courses, you will also gain valuable tips on making the course not only informative for your own students, but fun too.

Available Speciality Instructor courses at Scuba Futures are:

Deep Diver – one day, two dives.

Enriched Air Nitrox – one day (Dives optional)

O2 Provider – one day

Underwater Navigator – one day, two dives

Night Diver – spread over 2 nights, two dives.

Mulitlevel/Computer Diver – one day, two dives.


Prices for each course differ, depending on course duration, number of dives etc.


For more information contact Scuba Futures, Koh Phangan.