PADI Multilevel and Computer Diver


The PADI Multilevel and Computer Diver Speciality shows you how to extend your bottom time by learning multilevel techniques and procedures.  During your Open Water Course you were taught how to use the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) to plan your dives.  This showed you that bottom time was the No decompression limit of the deepest depth reached. For example, a dive to 30 metres has a maximum NDL of 20 minutes.

Most dives are “Multilevel”, meaning that you can spend longer underwater as you gain more NDL by ascending to shallower depths where you absorb less nitrogen.  So if you are diving a beautiful coral wall, you could still dive to 30 metres, but by ascending slowly in levels, it is possible to stay underwater as long as you have air and warmth.

Many divers have their own dive computers, which work under the same multilevel principle, and this course will show you how by introducing you to dive computers and the PADI eRDPml, an electronic version of the RDP.

The course takes one day and has two sections. Knowledge development including decompression theory, ascent procedures, choosing and using dive computers and equipment, and 2 Open Water boat dives. You will learn how to plan, organise, and carry out 2 multilevel dives, using either the eRDPml or dive computer.

To become a PADI Multilevel and Computer Diver, you must be aged at least 12 years old and be a Junior Open Water or above.  (Max depth for Junior Open Water is 21 metres)

So whenever you are diving a sloping reef, coral wall or a wreck lying at different depths, after becoming a PADI Multilevel and Computer Diver, you will know how to get the maximum bottom time and really make the most of every amazing dive!

Price: 4,800 THB (Price includes certification fees, equipment incl. dive computer, all food and drinks on the boat)