Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)


The Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating (MSDT)  shows you are an Instructor who is serious about continuing education, both for yourself and your students.  The rating is extremely sought after by potential employers as it shows commitment and versatility. Moreover, becoming an MSDT gives you the experience and qualifications needed to teach the full “Master Scuba Diver” programme, the highest recreational diver rating.

To become an MSDT you will need at least five Speciality Instructor ratings and have certified a minimum of 25 PADI divers.

With Scuba Futures you can work towards your MSDT by taking individual Speciality Instructor ratings, or by participating in an MSDT Prep Course, where all five of your choice specialities can be taught to you over several days.  This can be taken any time after you become an OWSI. In fact, many new Instructors take the MSDT prep immediately after they have finished their IDC. During each Speciality course, you will receive not only diving practice, but also training in the Instructor outlines, theory and a full understanding of the course standards and structure.

Scuba Futures also offer an MSDT Internship, where you will take 6 Speciailty Instructor ratings, plus by either working alongside one of our experienced instructors, or by teaching the courses yourself, you will gain the 25 certifications needed to apply for the PADI MSDT rating.  A great way to gain experience. (Some Speciality Instructor ratings have a minimum number of dives before you can apply.  For example for the Nitrox Instructor rating, you will have needed to do at least 10 dives using Nitrox. Contact Neil for more information)

PRICE FOR MSDT Prep.   18,000* Baht    (Includes 5 Speciality Instructor ratings, food and drinks on boat)

PRICE FOR MSDT INTERNSHIP:  28,500* Baht   (Includes 6 Speciailty Instructor ratings, plus 25 certifications)

*PADI application fees are extra.  Check the GoPro Price list here.



For more information contact Scuba Futures, Koh Phangan.