Emergency First Response Instructor (EFRI)


The EFRI course is normally taught during the full IDC course, but can also be taught as a stand alone Instructor course. It is a one day course designed not only for divers, but also for the everyday work place and home.  So you will learn how to market your own courses in environments such as colleges and offices as well as from your Dive Centre.

Before the PADI Rescue Diver course, students must have proof of CPR and First Aid training within the last 2 years.  This normally takes the form of the EFR Course. It is a one day programme and can be taken the day before they start their Rescue Course.


During the EFRI you will learn how to teach Primary and Secondary Care as well as Care for Children, which can be used in everyday emergency situations. Primary Care being the first response to an emergency ie; Assessing an accident scene, alerting emergency service, checking the patient’s lifline, giving CPR etc.  Secondary Care teaches first aid such as bandaging and splinting, injury and illness assessment and how to collect information to give to the emergency services when they arrive.

As well as teaching Primary, Secondary Care and Care for Children, you will also give lessons on how to administer Oxygen and how to use a portable Defibrillator.

The course price is included in all Scuba Futures IDC packages.

PRICE:  8,000* Baht as a stand alone course (Course materials and PADI application fee extra. Check the GoPro Price list here.